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Welcome to Buy Cheap Bitcoins Online where you can learn what bitcoins are and how to buy them online. The hardest part of trading bitcoins is buying them. You can get them direct from someone but that can be very risky as you would need to carry large amounts of cash. There are bitcoin ATM's in most cities but they are somewhat confusing to use for a beginner.

The other option is to buy online with a credit/debit card. For most people, this is the option I would suggest as there is less risk and can be completed almost instantly from the comfort of your home. Places like Coinbase in USA or QuadrigaCX in Canada.

Back in 2013 I got interested in bitcoins and bought my first miner from Bitmain. I was making pennys a day with that miner but now those are worth much more with bitcoin being worth $17,000 USD in December 2017. Crazy to think what they would be worth if I kept them instead of buying stuff online.